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Tracking Orders

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    Send your
    Tracking Number

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    Receive Notifications
    in Real-Time

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    Take Delivery of Package
    Without Waiting

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What Information do I need to Share with my Shopping Assistant?

  • Tracking Number
    Simply send the information regarding your package to your shopping concierge via Messenger or WhatsApp, and they will handle the rest.

How does your Shopping Assistant Help with Order Tracking ?



  • Your shopping Assistant will send you a map where you can see the location of your package.

Real-time notifications

  • Your shopping Assistant will help you up to date with shipping notifications without having to log in: "your package has just been delivered to your courrier", "you package is currently en route to your home", etc.

Change of delivery address

  • Your shopping Assistant allows you to change your delivery address to choose the most convenient location for you: an other address, a pick up point near you or your work, etc.

Specific delivery dates and times

  • We provide specific delivery times so you don't have to wait at home.
  • Where is my package?
  • Has my order been shipped?
  • Can I change my delivery address?
  • Is the courrier office open tomorrow?
  • Can my package be delivered on a week end?
  • When will it arrive?
  • Will my order arrive in time for Thanksgiving?

Our Assistant at your service 24/7
on your Messenger & Whatsapp

ChatLive with your dedicated shopping Assistant to manage your
post-purchase needs services.

Try for only £1

£1 for 7 trials days then £6,90 /month

Keys benefits: A Single Point of Contact

  • No Need to Contact Multiple Courriers or Ecommerce Website
  • You don't have to log into multiple websites (e-commerce and couriers) to get information about your packages.
  • Because waiting on the phone for hours on end belong to the past!
Screenshot tracking keys benefits

Your Shopping Assistant will proactively provide you with your package information in Real Time via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.