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What Information do I need to Share with my Shopping Concierge?

Original order number, relevant website

Simply send the requested information to your Shopping Concierge via Facebook Messenger.

Reasons and Argument

To back up your claim. And Your Shopping Concierge will suggest you the best way to proceed.

How will my Shopping Concierge Help
with Order Returns

Clear and efficient procedures to support your claims

Your Shopping Concierge will oversee your claims, We offers you all the advice you need regarding to manage compensation, reimbursement and negotiations proceduresfollowing a commercial dispute.

Email and letter templates

Your Shopping Concierge will offer you offers a vast choice of standard claims letters to suit all situations.

Claims managment

Your Shopping Concierge has developed simple and efficient refund request procedures.

Increase your chances of success

successful Our procedures that are proven to increase your chances of obtaining your desired compensation.

  • What do I do if I received a damaged item?
  • Can I change or cancel my order?
  • Can I file a dispute?
  • Do I deserve a compensation?
  • Can I get a refund?
  • What if I am refunded the incorrect amount
  • after returning the item?
  • What if I have lost my return voucher?

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Keys benefits:

  • Know your Rights. It can be difficult & time-consuming to figure out what to do you can do in the event of a commercial dispute. Your Shopping Concierge will offer advice and inform you of your rights and give you the best advice.
  • Avoid excessive paperwork. Paperwork can become extremely time-consuming. Your Shopping Concierge will save you time with standard claims letters to suit all situation.
  • Enjoy the Most Efficient Procedures. Our compensation procedures have been was created by professionals to offer you the best of the best.

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