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One stop shop for all online
shopping requests

Tracking orders

  • Package tracking with our geolocation technology real time updates
  • Delivery address changes, anywhere you want home, pick-up point or courier.

  • Return support
  • Sending packing return slips as printable
  • Files (PDF) return tracking
Claim Request

  • Clear and efficient procedures to support your claims
  • Increase chances of successful refunds

Available on
Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

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your service 24/7
on your Messenger & Whatsapp

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One Stop Shop for all the online
shopping requests

Forget the multiple commerce and carrier customer
services multiple websites and multiple channels.

One Stop Shop

A unique support that centralises all the customers services of your favorite websites and carrier; whatever your needs are. 1 concierge in 1 place, nothing else! No need to search in your emails or in your phone to find the phone number of a customer support.

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How does our technology work?

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

No download or login/password required thanks to your favorite messaging services: simple and secure. XXX will soon become your best friend.

Human & Artificial Intelligence

Concierges specialized in e-commerce after-sales services. They can be reached without delay at any time of the day. AI ensures immediate responsi-veness and efficiency.

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